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Agency Strategy Has Changed. Organic Growth Has Changed.

Directly Impacting Agency Organic Growth & New Business Performance

Coming this January, the Mirren Account Mastery Workshops specialize in turning senior account leadership into growth experts for your agency.

Agency strategy has changed. Organic growth has changed.

On one hand, agencies are grappling with poorly written client briefs. Without even realizing it, time-starved client-side marketing chiefs are inadvertently setting agencies up to fail by delegating critical brief writing down to lower level marketing managers. Unfortunately, these junior clients don’t have the same level of strategic horsepower required to properly brief an agency team. The agency take the brief at face value, ultimately resulting in account teams showing up to present to the senior decision-maker – with the quality of that work in question.

On top of this, it’s no secret the marketing services industry has become fragmented. From new marketing technology and in-house agencies, to Google and the Consultancies, clients have new options. In fact, clients are now questioning who provides the most effective marketing strategy, customer insight, activation and measurement. Is it agencies? Is it the consultancies? Marketing technology? Or, should we just do it all ourselves?

Completely updated for 2020, the goal of these workshops is to train your key team members on how to become strong strategic business partners and leaders – while growing the business for the agency. In fact, attendees will begin writing aggressive organic growth plans right within the workshop.

Workshop One: Mastering Organic Growth
This first training workshop specializes in teaching your account teams how to methodically and consistently grow their accounts – without feeling like salespeople. New: now includes estimate writing & negotiation skills.

Workshop Two: Mastering Agency Strategy
This second training workshop specializes in providing advanced strategy methods to be more focused on the client’s business, more consumer-insight driven and more efficient to deliver – ultimately generating more agency revenue.

Who Should Attend
This is designed for those who play a leading strategic and growth role with their clients, including management and senior client services. Most agencies bring several people to sharpen their personal skills and more effectively collaborate – to then improve how the agency will innovate and apply the key learnings. Attendees can join one or both workshops.