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More Effectively Pitching Business When Remote

Available until December 31st

Even as pitching in-person begins to return, the reality of the virtual pitch is here to stay. And, as you know, there’s a lot to deal with in pitching remotely: building a hybrid/virtual pitch, conducting research when in-person contact is tougher, adapting to a new client pitch process (completely different from one client to the next), and then presenting it all (with many not in the same room).

Ultimately, the goal is to directly impact your win rate by providing resources to help you effectively deal with all the current challenges.

You are in pitches to win — this training is about winning business.

Virtual Pitch Resources:

  1. Go/No-Go: Pitch Decision Guide (Interactive Guide)
  2. Client Decision-Maker Discovery (PDF Guide)
  3. Remote Presentation Skills (Video)
  4. Brainstorming Bigger Pitch Ideas When Your Team is Remote (Video)
  5. Post-Pitch Client Debriefing Call (PDF Guide)

1. Go/No-Go: Pitch Decision Guide (Interactive Guide)

With this New Business Interactive Guide, you will learn how to evaluate whether or not to proceed with each competitive review/RFP opportunity (and whether or not you can win). Getting your entire team aligned around a common – and strategic – set of criteria will help eliminate resources wasted against reviews you should avoid. Get it here >>

2. Client Decision-Maker Discovery (PDF Guide)

Knowing what’s really going on behind the scenes of a competitive review will make or break most pitch attempts. This New Business PDF Guide focuses on how to orchestrate client senior decision-maker discovery, uncover the client’s real objectives for the review, get the inside intel on what it’s going to take to win the review, and build a personal relationship with the decision-maker.

The sooner you gather this critical intel, the faster your team will be aligned on the most effective plan to convert the business. Get it here >>

3. Remote Presentation Skills (Video)

In this video, we’ll address more advanced principles to improve your “on-camera front-of-the-room” delivery – with the goal to better engage and persuade clients.

In particular, you will learn how to increase your presence in remote settings, adding more dynamic energy and engagement to your presentation style. You’ll work through several exercises to help improve your confidence and ability to command the room, even when you’re not in it.  Watch it here (password: #FAST987) >>

4. Brainstorming Bigger Pitch Ideas When Your Team is Remote (Video)

In this video, we’ll address a proven approach for brainstorming bigger ideas with your remote teams. You’ll learn how to activate participants before the meeting begins, lead a productive (and inspiring) virtual session, and then prioritize the best ideas.

Ultimately, you will review the best practices that turn out the kind of ideas that clients buy. Watch it here (password: #FAST987) >>

5. Post-Pitch Client Debriefing Call (PDF Guide)

Whether you’ve won or lost the pitch, getting practical feedback from the client is critical. Insight about the agency, your team, and your approach can help make or break future new business efforts.

With The Post Pitch Client Debriefing Guide, step-by-step, you’ll learn how to orchestrate this critical feedback call. The goal is to get real feedback and insight that can be applied to all future new business efforts. When handled methodically, you can create a continuous process for improvement. Get it here >>

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