The 2023 Operations Technology Report

The 2023 Operations Technology Report

How agencies are leveraging technology to increase client value

Let’s Dig In

COVID-19 was the great leveler — and accelerator — forcing agencies into a race to define the new normal. While agencies love pitches, they have become more dysfunctional and less reliable as a source of sustainable growth.

Organic Growth is the answer, but it requires commitment. Along with StackAdapt, it’s time again for Mirren to take the pulse of the industry and report back on how things are evolving. How are agencies planning to successfully leverage Organic Growth in the year ahead?

Learn more about the latest agency growth strategies at Mirren Live this May 19th & 20th. The goal: build a faster, smarter, healthier agency.

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How long will it take to complete the survey?
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes.

Who should complete the survey?
Agency CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, Partners, Founders, Account Management/Client Services Leads and Business Development personnel.

When does the survey close?
Survey participation is now closed.

What is your privacy policy?
All responses are kept 100% confidential, with no findings attributed to any individual respondent. Please be completely frank and honest, as it will provide the most value in the final report.