Live Pitch Coaching


The fastest path to large pieces of business is still through the RFP process. You are in every pitch to win – and this strategic coaching is about converting every opportunity.

A More Advanced Approach

As you know, pitching business is not the smoothest process. Client briefs are often unclear. A thorough picture of the client’s business is not provided. Access to the real decision-maker is being blocked. Who knows who you’re up against. You’re concerned if you’ve been cast as a favorite or as a filler. And if you’re the incumbent, the odds are significantly stacked against you.

Most importantly, who doesn’t mind pounding through months of work in only weeks or days, for free.

We have supported hundreds of reviews and have developed more advanced methods to address all these issues head on.

Mirren’s Live Pitch Coaching Practice

We specialize in converting active competitive review/RFP opportunities.

We’ve supported agency teams in converting some of the most sophisticated national and regional reviews. Our approach to generating business is down to a science – strategic, methodical and aggressive. At the same time, our approach is often contrarian to more effectively separate you from the sea of agency sameness. In fact, our goal is to not only ensure you win the business, but do so while commanding a premium fee. This is achieved by turning your team into client business partners, more effectively correlating your work to meaningful business outcomes.

Our agency growth strategists bring experience from client-side and from agencies that include Wieden + Kennedy, TBWA and numerous innovative boutiques. Our partnership with Harvard Business Review, provides us with access to client-side marketing, digital and communications chiefs for some of the most revealing insight into what’s really going on behind the scenes when selecting an agency. Our on-going client-side research is second to none.

We specialize in converting new business with agencies in digital, advertising, media, experiential, PR and more.

Mirren Practice Lead: Laurie Coots

You do not want to pitch against Laurie Coots. Formerly the Chief Marketing Officer of TBWA Worldwide, and now Mirren’s live pitch coaching lead, she specializes in directing pitch teams on a strategic and methodical approach – that moves aggressively to convert the business.

Throughout her career, she has lead sophisticated pitch teams through complicated RFPs to go up against the best agencies on the planet. With a win rate many times that of most agencies, she has now secured over a billion dollars in revenue. She brings a level of client insight and strategic thinking that is second to none. Combined with her deep industry experience and infectious passion for winning business, she ultimately helps agency leadership develop and execute a strategy that converts competitive review/RFP opportunities.

Coaching Methods We Provide

Throughout the course of the pitch process, we address the many critical aspects that are all required to increase your odds of converting the business – and at the highest possible fee. This includes:

  • Become the Prospect’s Business Partner
  • Pitch Team Alignment (Including Multi-Office/Multi-Agency Pitch Teams)
  • Resource Mapping & Allocation
  • Agency Pitch Positioning
  • The Dynamic Pitch Brief
  • Senior Decision-Maker Access
  • Questionnaire Responses Writing & Design that Converts
  • Diagnostic Capabilities Meeting Development that Converts
  • Consumer Insights as a Selling Tool
  • Correlating the Agency’s Work to Client Business Outcomes
  • Hard-Hitting Final Presentation Development that Converts
  • Reading the Room/Handling Client Questions
  • Presentation Skills Training/Coaching

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