Agency teams already leveraging generative AI are operating with superpowers. They can produce stronger strategic work in a fraction of the time, greatly enhancing efficiency, client value, and agency revenue.

Agencies that haven’t yet adopted AI tools are falling behind – and the gap is widening at an alarming rate.


AI in Action: Enhance Client Management & Strategic Development

In this custom training program, your team will gain a new understanding of the AI landscape and immediately start operationalizing AI tools into key agency workflows.

With new frameworks for prompt engineering and new tools to enhance the strategic output of client-facing teams, AI will become an integral part of agency processes – and an impactful tool for agency growth.

1. Use AI Prompt Engineering for Day-to-Day Client Management

Get an overview of the AI landscape and learn how to start integrating AI into your agency workflows. Step-by-step, we’ll walk through prompt engineering strategies and how to use basic LLMs (such as GPT-4o) to enhance client value.

2. Use AI to Accelerate and Enhance Strategic Development

Enhance the strategic abilities of your client-facing teams by leveraging new AI applications and frameworks. Use AI to get new insight into client briefs, synthesize relevant takeaways from research and data, build custom datasets for strategic development, and develop synthetic target audiences for research, idea generation, and feedback.

3. Use AI to Develop & Evaluate Client Presentations

Elevate your client presentations with the support of AI to enhance your strategic narrative and content creation. Learn how to generate compelling presentations, refine messaging, and even “battle test” presentations from the perspective of a (synthetic) senior client.

4. Apply AI Outputs to Drive Scalable Organic Growth

Fuel scalable organic growth for the agency by harnessing the full potential of AI outputs. Integrate AI-driven insights into your growth planning and develop Organic Growth Plans for your highest-value client accounts.

Mirren’s training has set a new standard for our client teams – equipping us with the skills and confidence to address our clients’ most critical business challenges. Since embracing this training, we’ve been able to sustain record revenue retention and unlock consistent double-digit organic growth enabling industry-leading growth overall. Mirren made a marked difference to our business!

Andrea Van Dam

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