Mirren is a Training Firm Focused on Improving the Performance of Agencies With Organic Growth & New Business

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Pitching isn’t so bad. After all, who doesn’t enjoy pounding through three months of work in only three weeks – for free. Crank up your agency’s growth by staying on top of the cutting-edge best practices. We work closely with agency CEOs and their management teams who are fighting the battle every day at their agencies.

If you believe there is a better way to do organic growth and new business. We’ve built Mirren for you.

Our small team of fourteen brings experience from both client and agency-side. This brings tremendous insight to our training. On the client-side, our team members have run agency reviews and have been on the receiving end of many pitch presentations. On the agency-side, we’ve worked at some of the best in the business in digital, advertising, experimental and public relations. These have included Wieden + Kennedy, TBWA and small boutiques around the country.

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Training & Coaching

Bring Mirren specialists to your agency for advanced training. We address Organic Growth, Competitive Reviews/RFPs, Proactive Prospecting, Proposal Writing & Negotiation Skills, Agency Strategy, Presentation Skills, and More.

Our Specialists works closely with your entire team to implement new methods, tools and systems to bring order to the chaos of growth your agency. The personal attention and coaching of being in-person with your team further deepens their motivation and ability to implement.

Reach out to our specialists to learn more about the impact we can have on your growth.

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Online & Live
Webinar Training

MirrenDirect provides Training and Personal Coaching delivered On-Demand on our site and live via training webinars. We address Organic Growth, Competitive Reviews/RFPs, Proactive Prospecting, Proposal Writing & Negotiation Skills, Agency Strategy, Presentation Skills, and More.

There are several ways to engage Mirren with training. You can do it all self-guided, accessing our Resource Library and On-Demand Training as needed – or you can add access to our specialists with Live Training Programs and Personal Coaching.

We’ll help you get set up, you can immediately begin turning your teams into client business partners, ultimately generating more business from current and new clients.

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Industry-Leading Conferences

We produce a series of conferences and workshops – all focused on driving agency revenue growth. Over 700 agencies now join us throughout the year.

Mirren Live New York: Each May, 400 agencies taken in 60 speakers in 35 sessions. We focus on agency business model and new business innovation.

Mirren CEO Summit: Each November, 140 agency CEOs converge in Chicago to address growth through innovation with their business models, operations, marketing and personal leadership.

Account Management Bootcamp: Each January, senior account teams join workshops in New York, Miami, LA, and Toronto. The focus: Mastering Agency Strategy and Organic Growth.

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New York

136 Grand Street, Floor 4ER,

New York, NY 10013



1507 NW 64th Street, Floor One,

Seattle, WA 98107



Monday – Friday

10:00am – 8:00pm ET


Our Team Leads

Training Leads

  • Nadine Tull

    Director, Agency Growth Strategy

  • Jerry May

    Director, Agency Growth Strategy

  • Brent Hodgins

    Managing Director

  • Laurie Coots

    Director, Agency Growth Strategy

Events & Classes Leads

  • Diana Spedding

    Director of Events

  • Jeanine Pang

    Event Manager

MirrenDirect Lead

  • Tyler Enos

    Account Services

  • Blair Whyte

    Account Services

Marketing Lead

  • Quinn Embrey

    Marketing Manager

We’ve Trained the Best in the Business & Those Who Want to Become the Best in the Business