Capture a Greater Share of Each Client's Spend

Advanced Training to More Methodically Generate Organic Growth & Convert New Business

Mirren provides the training that will immediately improve your team's ability to capture a greater share of each client's spend. By better addressing the business needs of each client, they will learn the advanced skills it now takes to grow your current accounts and win more new business. As the training is immediately applied, you will see an impact on your revenue and AGI growth within weeks.

We've Trained the Best in the Business & Those Who Want to Become the Best

"Record revenue growth 4 years in a row, 20 wins over the last 24 months, 82% win rate, and the most U.S. agency wins last year. Mirren's incredibly powerful new business methods are strategic, methodical and aggressive. We're proof they work."

Jason Park
Chief Growth Officer

"You think you have it all figured out. And then, you meet Mirren. One after another, you learn new strategies that immediately impact client growth and new business. It starts by more effectively pinpointing each client's most pressing business opportunities — then charging higher fees to solve for those needs."

Tom Cramer
Strategy & Client Leadership Director

Who Is It For?

Account Teams

Account Management Training

Improve the client growth skills of your senior client-facing team members. Ultimately, the goal is to grow every account in the agency by becoming more effective client business partners

Pitch Teams

Pitch Teams Training

Improve the new business skills of your pitch and prospecting teams. Dramatically increase your conversion rates by applying a completely evolved approach.

What Skills Will They Learn?

How Does the Training Work?

Our Training Is Provided In Several Ways

Provide Your Teams with the Skills to Capture a Greater Share of Each Client's Spend


More Proactively & Authoritatively Lead Each Client Forward


Understand & Address Each Client's Most Urgent Business Needs


Identify New Project Ideas Clients Will Want to Buy


More Persuasively Present Ideas So Clients Will Buy Them


Implement Assertive Organic Growth & New Business Plans


Methodically & Efficiently Convert Each RFP Opportunity

Our Training Has Been Recognized as Highly Effective

Mirren Named Top 10 U.S. Training Firm

Based On Training Innovation & Client Impact, Mirren Has Been Named One of the Most Sophisticated Training Firms in the Country.

Harvard Case Study

Mirren's impact on agency organic growth and new business is featured in a Harvard Case Study available on Harvard's site.

Let’s dig in. Contact our team to learn more about how our custom training can jumpstart your Organic Growth and New Business.

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