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Focus Finite Agency Resources for Fastest Return

Mirren Training Staff

The secret to making organic growth a powerful alternative energy source for your agency’s growth engine is simple: focus only on those clients worth your efforts.

Not Every Client Offers Your Agency The Same Potential For Efficient And Profitable Growth.

Ideally, you’d want to grow your business with all of your wonderful clients, but the truth is that not every client offers your agency the same potential for efficient and profitable growth. And when managing finite agency resources, focus is essential. So, begin by identifying your highest priority organic growth clients using strategic criteria such as:

  • Ease of Growth: how long would it take, and how hard would it be, for the client to approve incremental work?
  • Revenue Potential: how much efficient and profitable growth can they provide?
  • Agency Credibility: how strong is the relationship and how much influence do you have with key decision makers?
  • Availability of Resources: does the team have the time and skills to create and implement an effective organic growth plan?
  • Alignment with Agency Growth Plans: does the client fit with the agency’s plans for long term growth?

Client by Client, Craft Your Attack Plan

After pinpointing the top organic growth targets from among your clients, then focus your efforts and build a plan to create and convert new opportunities, mining incremental revenue from those clients. A few considerations in building that plan include:

  • The Client’s Objectives: what are their true business and marketing objectives? Important to consider this from the client’s perspective, not the agency’s.
  • Your Agency’s Role in Achieving the Client’s Objectives: this isn’t about selling your services, this is about considering which of the business objectives you’ve identified your agency can impact.
  • Your Agency’s Objectives: what are your revenue objectives for this client? What types of work do you hope to provide? Where can your agency develop more work from other brands or business units with the client?

Ready to dig in further and start building an aggressive organic growth plan for your high priority clients? Download the Mirren Organic Growth Plan Tool available in our On-Demand Training library, which details our methodical five-phase process to help your teams visualize and execute their organic growth plan, all the way through to client approval.